Well for starters I have dated 2 men that have received the same exact photos from this hoe! I was with the first guy for 5 years and engaged and nothing is ever perfect but we had went house hunting and she was our realtor from century 21 on 96th street in Indianapolis, IN. Within a hour of us leaving she called him (which she was told to go through me as he is very busy as a financial advisor). Patty Mouratrys to talk all sexy in her spanish and blink her eyes. Even rubbing up against him and saying oh Im so sorry. Come to find out 2 weeks later I found these on his phone! I blame not just her but him as well. Patty Moura should never pursue a engaged man! Patty Moura has a 4 year old daughter also! What type of example is that! Second guy basically same thing! Was with him for 2 years and we ran into her out at a private party. I went to the restroom and she was all over my man! I came out & gave her a look as you remember who I am! She walked away and later brushed herself up against him and said oh excuse me. 2 weeks later I find out Patty Moura has been sending the same exact photos to my man as she did the last one! Not sure if she is just after everyones men or just mine! But I have met 2 other women that she has sent the EXACT same photos to. Patty Moura is trashy and has the saggiest boobs in the world. Thinks she is all that since she is brazilian. Too bad for her daughter when she sees this as she matures. Her mom is a whore and a homewrecker! I want everyone to be warned about this slut!

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