We started dating 13 years ago. We have one child together. He has always been a cheater. Not only with women but younger females that he shouldnt of. Recently I caught him fooling around with this hooker for pills named (removed). She would text him he be like hey u wanna f**k and he go pick her up give and do all that before or after he took out son to school. Not to mention its widely known this chick has herpes! Not only that he is also screwing around with another chick named(removed). This chick looks like a man! Skinny scrawny his whole family is like ewe about her. She messaged me claiming they are just friends but friends dont leave hickeys on each other. Both are down grades from me. Ive caught him texting them and at their houses really late at night. Needless to say Im over him and went and got myself checked out thank god my results came back clean for any std he might have . He doesnt use protection of any sort! I hope hes happy now he lost his family for good! The next chick after these girls fall through to get him wont be so lucky! So here are pics of his family that he has now lost then him by himself! Girls beware this one is not a winner!

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