Paula Hodges Bowling Green, Kentucky, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Paula Hodges Bowling Green, Kentucky is as follows: This piece of trash destroyed my marriage of 20 years. We have 3 kids. She moved in on him and started seducing him before he even knew what she was doing because he is a stupid man. He told me he wasnt happy out of the blue one day. So I started looking at his phone records. She made a call to me before I ever found that phone number and LAUGHED then hung up. What a stupid bitch. As I continued to investigate, I found out he had been talking to her for over 2 months. I confronted him about the number and he finally confessed but would not tell me her name. From the first second I knew about the phone number, I suspected her. I had only seen her once but I knew she looked like a trashy homewrecker from the first time I saw her. She worked for him. As he had just started this job a few months before she came along, he was working 12 hour days sometimes 7 days a week and all along it was just a front. As I stayed home and took care of his kids and praised him every chance I got for being such a hard worker, all the while he was just having a happy little affair on the side.; She started moving in on him within the first few weeks of her starting her new job. She knew he was married and she is twice divorced because she cheated on both of them. It is my understanding that she has always loved men, especially married ones. She even cheated on one of them with his best friend. What kind of woman is single and goes after a married man?? Only a whore. He is just as much to blame but she is the devil here as well. I would love to expose him on the other website but wont do so out of concern for our kids. She has lied to him and told him all kinds of sob stories. She has done this many times before. She then had the nerve to send me a friend request on Facebook just to be a smart ass. Between the two of them, they have broken my kids hearts. The day he left, he moved straight in with her.; This is not his first affair either. He did this 7 years ago and I forgave him and moved on. I never would have believed he could have done this again. This has totally destroyed my faith in men and I will never trust another man again. For all you women out there who think it cant happen to you, THINK AGAIN! Trust your instincts and pay close attention to his schedules and phone calls. But the sweetest revenge is that he just found out he has an STD! and I dont! So she is true trash!

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