This asshole will take you for a ride. LADIES, BEWARE. He LOVES to play mind games, will emotionally abuse you, and at the end of the day. He will place the BLAME on you! He has MULTIPLE STDS. Im warning you ladies, be prepared for some unpleasant surprises when you have sex with him. He will not admit it and refuses to get tested. Makes me sick to even think about doing this but I ve properly suffered at the hands of this man we ve been living together for 5years now and have 3 young children stuck in the middle of affair after affair because I stay at home with my children he gets away with it he has separate bank accounts car phone and laptop all provided by his boss who feels he s behavior is not cheating on me just being friendly to co workers he will make excuses to be at work 7days a week he left at 7am this morning its now 10:30 at night. THIS IS A FACT. He has zero empathy, and will RUIN your life. RUN RUN RUN FAR AWAY!!!

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