My disgusting ex Fiance Philip Nequent (DDS Associates Houston / Heartland Dental where he works as a Dental lab technician in Houston. ; was cheating on me the entire time we were exclusive. He was suppose to be in mandatory treatment for his physical abuse on me, but lied and went to see Susie in Daytona instead and lied to her as well. Philip Nequent physically abused me (his Fiance) more than once (at least on 3 different occasions). Philip Nequent lies constantly and cheats. He had 3 exclusive girlfriends all at the same time in 3 different cities for over 2 years and told each woman he wanted to marry them. The icing on the cake was a couple months ago, Philip Nequent said his work forced him to go to mandatory treatment for his physical abuse on women and for his alcoholism. Philip Nequent faked the Regional director coming to the office and meeting with the dentists. Philip Nequent faked his trip to corporate office flying into St. Louis then driving to the facility for hours and faked his entire treatment process. Only to find out he flew to Daytona for the 5 days to meet with, one of the other women he was stringing along for the past 2 years as well. Attached is photo of Philip Nequent, but I cannot load the abuse pictures so long on to Facebook and Linkedin then google his name to see more abuse photos and him cheating. Philip NeQuent (stay away from this man). He is an alcoholic as well and everyone on his side of the family is one as well.

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