Go here: http://dw.courts.wa.gov/ Click name search . Click Accept . Enter Rahsheda Daniels. Enter the generated code, click submit . Anything with respondent means someone filed something against her. Four of the 5 of which she is respondent are domestic violence protection orders (restraining order). Do the same with same first name, but last Qawiyy and Ware . Youll see there are others. The below just explains reasons WHY the orders against her exist, as the court site does not give details. Note that these are only incidents in Washington, others have happened in other states. Her Facebook page is here, but now posts are hidden: https://www.facebook.com/shedas.lovinglife/friends Of the people who have shared experiences with her, generally she goes after white guys. Generally military, probably just due to the population/location where she was last known to be. Meets guys most often on dating sites. She knows that the police in Washington will not remove her from YOUR house if she convinces them you have granted access and she has managed to hide items of hers in the house, such as under the bed, closets, or bathroom, which she will then show them to prove she lives there. You must go through the eviction process which takes months, all the while she is in there with you. Additionally, when the police are called, YOU may be removed if any violence is alleged, just depends who they believe. Combining the stories of multiple of her victims she is an alcoholic and potentially a drug abuser. In one incident she cleaned out ten to fifteen 1.75L bottles of alcohol in a matter of about three weeks. She would be so drunk as to get sick, pass out half naked in random places, experience violent mood swings (hence all the domestic violence charges) and be completely incomprehensible and irrational. She stole one guys truck and destroyed it while drunk. She got her hands on a firearm in one home, and discharged it in the direction of the guy she was \ living with\ . She is a very good liar, borderline pathological. She can hold conversations on the phone that are believable as you listen to her speak (thus \ proving\ what she says is happening), but there is no one on the other end. She has dressed up as a nurse and been dropped off at the local hospital where she supposedly works, but of course they have never heard of her, the reason for that she then claims is because of stalking from an ex husband so they don\t release her name, which is also of course a lie. Presumably after being dropped off, she takes off the scrubs and catches a taxi home. She smokes, but claims she does not if the guy does not like smoking. She has abandoned multiple of her kids with the fathers, then claims the fathers are gay, that she was held captive in the house with the knowledge of the fathers family, etc. This is apparently used as a ruse so you don\t dig too far into the past guys she alleges to have perpetrated these things. Most of the victims are easily tracked down via the Washington State court link above, all the court cases show the individual filing for the orders (\ Petitioner\ ). After leaving one guy, she twists the stories from that relationship for the next guy, so that it sounds like the guys were the violent ones, crashing her cars, firing guns in the house, etc., which is believable because it did happen. Except she was the one doing the acts, not the guys. She will prey on emotions by telling the guy that if they don\t have sex with her (unprotected of course) they don\t really like her. Then she will claim she is pregnant, again using the one-way phone call skills, to explain away her vomiting as morning sickness. She has stolen phones from guys, and used the security system access to show the next guy the inside of \ her\ house that she doesn\t want to go to for various reasons. She has claimed to have friends in the area, but if you can grab numbers from her phone, you will find that the ones that she says are \ closest\ haven\t talked with her in years. They will not come get her, she does not hang out with them, they are an excuse for whatever story she needs. She will have copies made of your house key, using a taxi (apparently) to get around while the guy is at work so he doesn\t know she can get in the house when she is invariably locked out. She will then hide in the house, no one knows why, but will hide until the guy finds her. God forbid the GUY has kids already. They will be traumatized, and may be assaulted as well. She will cook food for the guy, clean the house, and act like a real nice person, which she COULD be if she did not have an alcohol (and perhaps drug) addiction. But once she is drunk or high, the gloves come off. Food is burned, household items are broken or missing, things get thrown, she will not leave nor even stop talking. There does not seem to be a proclivity to steal money, only certain items such as phones. As probably everyone on here says, stay the hell away from her. You do not get four or more domestic violence protection orders against you, from different people, if you are not a very real threat to others.

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