This Human Mattress is nothing but a low life and is a disgrace to herself and the biggest ***** in town and She has more drama than Broadway and has openly admitted to being unfaithful in all her relationships.

She is a liar, cheater, theft and most of all a home wrecking w ***** . She has no respect, decency for herself or anyone else she doesn’t care who’s life she interferes with or ruins. Not only does she jump from one to another she has knowingly wrecked two homes and the most disgusting part about it is she has not only slept with just about everyone in our town she slept with her own mother’s husband for years to get what she wanted out of him money, gifts and then cried rape when caught. This man was 40+ yrs older then herself. She stabbed her step mother in the back and slept with her own brother’s father who is in his 40’s and she is 19yrs old. She had a child that she claims is his but there are 4 other potential fathers that could be the child’s real father. She is currently in a relationship with another man at the moment but has already cheated on him with a guy she meet where she currently works and the poor dude can’t see what’s happening right in front of him. So Ladies just a heads up if you come across this nasty ***** chick you better watch out if you value your relationships because she don’t care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants.


Kinston, North Carolina

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