I want to expose Renea CollinsÉ This lady had been a complete nightmare. Her and her soon to be ex husband, Marlando Choo Choo Collins were separated and he met my stylist. My stylist and Marlando started dating and Renea has sent friend requests to myself and all of my stylists clients on all of social media. For her to be the owner of a business, Labor of LOVE Adult Day Care in Pinebluff, Arkansas, you would think that she knew the repercussions behind defamation and slander. She has lied and said that she was a client of my stylist and she started sleeping with her husband. This lady sends me friend requests everyday behind their 14 year old daughters profile. It has become pathetic. I’m not exposing Renea as a homewreker but I am exposing her as a crazy chick for using her daughter the way she is. She is unfit to run a facility of adults. . We need to all pray for her

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