Renee Strong, Fayetteville, Georgia, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Renee Strong, Fayetteville, Georgia is as follows: Home wrecker Ð Beware of Realtor Renee Strong from Fayetteville, Ga. She has no morals and no values and is a home wrecking trifling slut and whore who intentionally goes after married men. She uses her connection to Tyler Perry from 10 years ago to have them thinking she can land them a role in his movies/plays. It would be different if she didnt know but the fact that she was once his kids child care provider shows her true character or lack there of. She has known the family for many years and knew he was a husband and father and was not separated nor divorced. Renee frequents Snap Fitness in Hampton, Ga and La Fitness in McDonough, Ga seeking out weak, easily manipulated, young married/unavailable men. Her lack of morals and self-respect were shown when she stooped so low as sneaking around at all hours of the night to various hotels and picking him up from a local bar Grand Stand in Hampton, Ga and the gym. All of this while his young children who were extremely close to their dad woke up crying looking for their father on many occasions. Renee doesnt care anything about how her actions would hurt and may potentially damage his daughters whom she once provided sub-par childcare services for which resulted in the children being taken out of her program. If you dont want your children mistreated please dont enlist her services (The Pack Center) for summer camp or after school care. Renee Strong is a Realtor with Keller Williams Realty in the Atlanta/Peachtree City/Newnan area and Meridian Realty in Fayetteville, Ga. On her website she claims that she has integrity and does the right thing. HmmmÉ.does doing the right thing not apply to how you live your life? I guess that just sounds good so you can get the listing.; Under no circumstance would I ever recommend this low down adulteress tramp. She will come in to your home to evaluate your house and plot on your unavailable husband/boyfriend at the same time. Who knows what she is really doing when she is in there. She is old, desperate and loose and I wouldnt believe anything she has to say. She claims to be a Community Leader. Most of the Community Leaders I know and respect believe in building families up not trying to break them down. Is she a Community Leader or Community Slut? Renee Strong also claims to be a Minister and Mentor to Young Girls. What are you teaching in your ministry and mentoring programs? How to be a whore? Thou shall commit adultery? How to be a THOT (Thirsty Hoe Out Tricking)? How are you qualified to mentor young children with your reckless behavior and conduct ? Respectable people dont behave in the immature manner in which you do because they have more respect for themselves. Minister I dont think so only the devil seeks to kill, steal and destroy. When you take all of the make up off and wash out the hair dye Renee Strong appears to be at least 60 years old. She is a mother and grandmother which are titles she said she is proud of. What are you teaching your children and grandchildren ? What are you teaching your sons? How to abandon their children ? How to be deadbeat dads? How to be cheaters and liars? Its ok to use and abuse women? What are you teaching your young adult daughter? How to spot weak married men with substance abuse problems and low self esteem ? How to play wife to someone elses husband? How to hang around hole in the wall bars/clubs and gyms to pick up men? How to stay up all night chasing , calling and texting married men? How to do anything to get a man including allowing married men to move in your home? How to lose your self- respect to get a man? Maybe this isnt the first married man youve allowed to move in your house so your kids may be used to it by now. Wow Is this how they were raised? What family respects the home wrecking tramp that comes between a marriage especially when children are involved ? Renee Strong here are some books you should write. Whoring at 60 Sleeping with someone young enough to be your child Tricking 101 How to Hide When The Repo man is at your door to pick up your married boyfriends Jaguar at 3 am Being a whore when you grow up while pretending to be a respectable business woman Renee Strong since you claim to be a great business woman here is a business you should invest in. ThotsRUs Renee Strong is also a Gospel Artist Here are some Gospel songs you should write Ð Lord Why Have I Turned into A Slut Adulterers Like Me Lord Help Me With My Low Self Esteem and Insecurity Issues God Was That You That Told Me To Date A Married Man Jesus Help Me Because I am The Devil Insecure Like Me Im Going To Be A Whore Until I Die TV Shows you should audition for Tramps in the City Real House Whores of Atlanta/Fayetteville Dont get me wrong he is an alcoholic and drug abusing POS who only likes hanging around people that live the same lifestyleÉhmmm. His addiction has spiraled way out of control after getting involved with this woman who is old enough to be his mother. He has had multiple DUIs and is on his way to another one because he continues to drive under the influence. He has had 2 cars repossessed since dealing with this money hungry tramp within a 3 month period, a Mercedes and the Jaguar she drove to work . I wonder where all of his money went because he surely wasnt spending it on his children. Maybe he spent it on all of the tissue he uses to blow his nose. He loves being around people who partake in the same things he does. He doesnt even go to church and dislikes ministers (remember thats what she is supposed to be) so Im sure he isnt reading scriptures and helping her write gospel songs. Women like Renee Strong need to be put on blast because while the family deals with the issues and mess that adultery causes they fly under the radar and act as if they have done nothing wrong and when the relationship fails they are on to the next married man to destroy another family. Because of the type of businesses she is involved in people need to know who they are dealing with not who she is pretending to be. Renee Strong goes around pretending to be a respectable professional, Minister and God fearing Christian when she is really a low down nasty whore. You learn or should have learned at 60 years old not to interfere with someone elses marriage. I am not going to sleep/flirt with someone elses husband no matter what. The fact that she was picking him up and dropping him off at his car and hiding from his wife proves that she knew exactly what she was doing. He passed out and was shaking and almost taken to the ER after going home from drinking/drugging the night before at her house. HmmmÉ I wonder if the ÒMinister and Gospel SingerÓ is reading scriptures and writing gospel songs while he is getting wasted to the point of not being able to walk, talk or stand. Now they fight all the time about him not wanting to take care of her adult kids which is hilarious because he doesnt even want to take care of his own minor children. She stays up all night texting and calling him back to back when he is not with her like an insecure psycho maniac. Whats wrong Boo? You dont trust the man you had to have so bad. You know the cheater and liar. They are both going through a mid life identity crisis acting like immature high school kids. They think they are BeyoncŽ and JayZ but the relationship is very toxic and is more like Bobby and Whitney. On her real estate website, she states that she is committed in all things. I am not sure about that but you are definitely committed to being a home wrecker. She also states that trust starts with honesty. I wonder if she will honestly claim to not know that she was sneaking around with a married man. She knew she just didnt care. If you meet Renee Strong a.k.a Renee Strong-Morris who is also known as Valeria Strong your best bet is to find a true professional to assist with your needs not an old school tramp that behaves in this disgusting manner. God only knows what she may do in your home.

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