Here you go ladies this man Renson Mauricio slept with Jenn Albert another floozy on this site. He is married with two kids, has been married for 17 years…

a drunk and a wife beater at that… this wonderful POS slept with the girl he claimed to be his cousin the night of his mother-n-laws funernal, now keep in mind she may very well really be his cousin, nasty huh… and all it took to get into thats ***** s pants was a couple of sad stories claiming his wife was mean to him and cheated… lol..aww Jenn&Renson may you two have a future full of stress and enjoy being broke cause your wife is gonna take every last cent you make… so here you go ladies a real island loser and remember look up the lucky monkey he is ***** now JENN ALBERT ***** exa, Kansas, WHAT A LOOKER…


Lenexa, Kansas

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