Just warning women to stay away from Richard Teall and dont go on a date with him. I met this loser online- he was so desperate and practically was begging me to go to universal studios where he works. I didnt feel good and opted for a movie or dinner date. This jerk is an ugly balding pathetic loser. He claims to be 39 but in person looks well over 50. He is desperate and begs women To go on a date with him though they are sick. He has them drive 40 mins to his area so he doesnt have to drive treats them like dirt and ditches them in the beginning of a movie. He even lied abt where he lived to make it look like he had to drive 30 mins. Complete scumbag. Im a pretty female and he treated me like crap bc he was intimidated dumb cowardly and sick. He claims he cant even get a date online yet rather than be grateful for meeting a beautiful educated woman this low life piece of worthless scum treats the woman like crap and tries to act better than her because hes a fugly insecure reject. Then he acts annoyed that she wants to order a ten dollar item and tries to get out of paying and ditches the female when the movie starts. Hes a disgusting sick sorry ugly asshole. He almost forces women to meet him acting desperate for a date then ditches women bc theyre too pretty for his ugly white trash self. He is so rude to nice women and treats them so badly. Dont ever waste your time going on a date with this ugly weird scumbag. Just another worthless weirdo online looking to abuse or mistreat women for sport or take their anger out on them or make them feel bad. Even on the phone he was being rude and talking over me rudely trying to dominate. Just a red flag The level of disrespect and scummery this fag did to an random woman and date is why hes being reported here. His behavior lies and deception were extreme Having a sick woman drive 40 mins to meet him so he can treat her like dirt make her feel low put her down and rudely ditch her before a movie even starts is pretty disgusting and disturbing all while lying to her and deceiving her. All in a first 20 mins of a date sick stuff Thats a lot of abuse and disrespect to a pretty and nice woman this ugly useless sack of shlt is supposed to be going out with To treat any person like this is horrible and this loser is a terrible person And a misogynist and psycho. This isnt even a case of intimidation just a worthless ugly pitiful psycho out there in the dating pool of scum. Beware of it

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