Rick Thomas got me pregnant, and we decided to have a abortion. After the abortion Rick Thomas said that he would be my man forever. Rick Thomas turned out to be a liar. I caught Rick Thomas looking at porn on his I-Pad. Rick Thomas was involved in the kinky stuff where women would whip men, and pee in their mouths. Rick Thomas was living a secret life, and he confessed that he was involved with a woman who would spank him with a wooden paddle and then pee in his mouth. Rick Thomas would even suck this womans toes too. Rick Thomas also liked dressing up in a pink dress, and being talked down to. He loved the humiliation!!. Rick Thomas saw this woman two times a week, while he was telling me he loved me. As soon as I found out that he was a freak, I got my stuff and moved out. He cheated on me, and lied to me all the time. Rick Thomas likes to get peed on but he really pissed me off when I discovered who he really was.

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