Commentary about Robert Kersey, Fort Bragg, NC posted to From : stimpy4321 posted on 2015-07-03 SSG Robert Kersey met my wife online on a dating site called ‰ÛÏTagged‰Û while his wife visiting family in Florida he had my wife move in with him from June 24, 2013 until July 17, 2013. During that time he advised my wife how to destroy my military career by making false reports to the police and my military command. She asked to come back when Kersey’s wife was coming home and for my step-children’s sake I tried to forgive her. By October 1, 2013 I suspected they were still seeing each other so on October 24, 2013 I went to Kersey’s wife and informed of the affair and my suspicions. She mentioned to me she had found my wife’s hair and personal items and was already suspicious and she suspected that he was up to no good. She also mentioned that he had several previous affairs. My reasons for contacting ‰ÛÏNikki‰Û Kersey was to work with her to stop them to stop the ongoing affair. What Nikki did next boggles my mind‰Û_she confronted him and he lied about the nature of the relationship and told her I was mentally unstable. Even though she had the physical evidence this dumb ass woman sided with her husband and they contacted the military police and they both filed a false report saying I threatened to “kill” him. I am assuming she did this for the financial security. On November 2, 2013 I discovered pictures and videos of my wife having sex with SSG Kersey. I confronted her and she admitted to having sex with him. On November 19, 2013 I left her and moved into my own place. What my wife and SSG Kersey did next is vile and disrespectful. My wife, with SSG Kersey‰Ûªs help, made friends with Nikki Kersey and my wife would hang out with her and the Kersey‰Ûªs two daughters. SSG Kersey and my wife would get Nikki drunk and when she passed out they would have sex in the house while Nikki was passed out. This went on until January 2014 when SSG Kersey deployed to Afghanistan. In January 2014 my wife and I again (stupidly) reconciled and tried to work on the marriage. Remember the false report to the Military Police? In late August I was contacted by the Military Police investigations to interview me on the threatening charges. Keep in mind I had let the whole affair thing go and was working on my marriage. I told the investigator the truth and with NO evidence the idiot investigator reported to my command that I had indeed threatened to the Kersey‰Ûªs. What is odd is prior to notifying my command the investigator contacted the Kersey‰Ûªs and asked them if they still want to pursue the charges against me and they said they did. What is totally messed up is I was willing to let it all go and move on. If they had just let it go the next things would not have happened: When I was informed that UCMJ (Non-Judicial Punishment) was being taken against me for the Kersey‰Ûªs false allegations I took all the pictures, videos and communications between my wife and SSG Kersey and turned them in to the 82nd Airborne Inspector General‰Ûªs Office and reported SSG Kersey for adultery and false statements. They conducted the investigation and SSG Kersey told some of the most stupid lies I have ever heard. He said that the two of us were best friends and that he only met my wife through me, never had sex with her and he could not understand where the allegations came from. His story completely unraveled because not only were his stories stupid but SSG Kersey was also too stupid to remember them. He finally admitted to the affair, but do you think that stopped him from being stupid? He filed a accusation of sexual assault against me with the CID (Criminal Investigations Division). He said he was hanging out drinking with both my wife and I (while his wife was in Florida) and we handled him a laced drink and he passed out. He said my wife and I had sex with him and shoved beer bottles up his butt and of course we took pictures to blackmail him with. He claimed we told him that if he refused to continue having sex with my wife that we were going to give the pictures to his command and his wife‰Û_umkay‰Û_What a dumb ass story!!! The investigators never believed him but I was interviewed anyway. In the end I did get punished by the Army (just a black mark on a perfect record) but I didn‰Ûªt care I am retiring from the Army so it really has no effect on me. On January 27, 2015 I was notified by the 82nd Airborne‰Ûªs investigators that SSG Robert Kersey was found guilty to be in Violation of Article 134, Adultery. I am not sure what his punishment will be but I have seen better men go to military prison for lesser things. What I do know is that he has no morals or values and he is a total liar. I might also add totally stupid!!! He, with my soon to be ex-wife‰Ûªs help, destroyed two families, devastated the lives of 4 small children and destroyed two military careers. The bad part is if Robert and Nikki Kersey simply had not filed a false Military Police report against me this never would have turned into this. When they had the opportunity to let it go, they didn‰Ûªt. This tells me that Robert and Nikki Kersey are of limited intelligence and I hope and pray their children are blessed with better faculties. I am moving on into an exciting new career and life is simply full of possibilities! From : posted on 2010-03-06 details Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Robert Kersey, Fort Bragg, NC is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Robert Kersey, Fort Bragg, NC by the users were preserved.


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