This is Robyn Rushanan Hoffman. She is so cl ***** y to have had an affair with my husband for 6 years. They were coworkers. It started while she was engaged and continued for 6yrs.

Yes she still married the guy and was still continuing to sleep with my husband.
My husband is also to blame, but what kind of woman carries on an affair with a married man with 2 children while engaged and continued both relationships? That’s a special kind of w ***** . She is the dirtiest piece of trash that gave my husband an STD which he so lovingly p ***** ed to me.
I hope the karma bus makes a stop right outside her door. I pity her husband as he was made a aware but have no idea if he actually received the info. What kind of woman destroys a family and continues on with her life with total disregard for all the lives impacted?


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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