Roger F. Smith of Medford is on I knew Roger for 10 years before I got pregnant. Unbeknownst to me, he was engaged to be married when I got pregnant. As soon as I found out, I told his fiancee, Miranda Gillaspie-Smith. She blamed it all on me, assured me that Roger would not be taking care of his child, and then married him 2 months later. A couple months after that our daughter was born, and he contacted me for a little over 2 years making empty promises. He has never voluntarily done anything for his daughter. Every now and then, when he works his wages are garnished but I never know when that will be so IÕm always left in the dark. I am in the middle of selling my house right now due to over a year of trying to pay full-time daycare on my own since he hasnÕt paid anywhere close to his court ordered amount in the last year and a half. The worst part of this whole thing, is that his wife, Miranda Gillaspie-Smith is completely behind him on this, and supports what he is doing even though she is a teacher and a coach at a high school. As a teacher,she should have much better morals than that.

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