Ronald Muhammad pretends to be SPIRITUAL . Ronald Muhammad has been in the nation of Islam for 20 years, constantly CHEATING ON 3 different wives. Ronald Muhammad has 14 children, but there is no telling how many other children he has out there. His father, James McGee, is reported to have 36 ACTUAL CHILDREN. His Deceased brother Kevin had approximately 13 children. Ronald Muhammad doesnt even have a valid drive license. Ronald Muhammad has 3 domestic violence convictions, and 2 felony convictions too. Ronald Muhammad claims the convictions are from disgruntled women.. Ronald Muhammad says these women did not want him to be happy when he broke up with them. When Ronald Muhammad opens his mouth he is a liar. Ronald Muhammad is known for beating women too. Ronald Muhammad is a homosexual too by the way. Its his dirty little secret he doesnt want anyone to know. Well they know now.

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