This thing (wont even call him a man) is a psycho because he beats women, lies about everything to get what he wants and shoots up meth all day long. I was married to the thing for over 2 years and the whole time this idiot could not keep a job for more than 4 months. I recently found out he was cheating on me with a street whore named Nicole and now I found out he gave me an STD! The entire time he told me he loved me but was going back and forth between me and that whore. BTW, he finally confessed and told me that he is just using her and that he pimps her out for money. Can you believe that? When I finally decide to file for divorce, he tells me not to because he wants to save the marriage and cant think of me being with someone else. But he can! I am financially buried because of this jerk and he just moves on to another sucker. DO NOT DATE THIS JERK.

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