First off, Sadie Jo Cramer the hoe got her way into another couples relationship. She new the couple was going through a rough patch, and decided to destroy there relationship. She continued to text her friends husband every night until he broke down. She new her friends husband was looking for a friend, and she used that to get close to him. She drove 7 hours to visit him at his work to see him. Later took him spoiled him to death. Then she decided to take him to a motel and blank his brains out. What a hoe She is a complete skank and everyone should watch out for her. She is not to be trusted around anyone at all. Shes a stupid, lying, homewrecker. Dont trust her psycho ass. She now proceeds to harrass her now ex trying to make him feel like shit for what shes done. Her photography shes so proud of is sh*t, her psychology class shes in isnt helping her with her own mental problems, she needs to realize she aint sh*t but a hoe.

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