An immoral and indecent teacher. Literally throws herself to married men, even though she knows the guy is very much married. An English Teacher, taught in Oman and Saudi Arabia, now teaching in Al Ain UAE. British by national, has a house in Mojacar Spain, former real estate agent in Mojacar Spain and a former flight attendant. Current occupation is an English Teacher while whoring on the side. She flirts with them and befriends them. She will never object nor say no to anyone. She even offered her house in Mojacar Spain to the married guy, she wanted the guy to leave the wife for her. The married guy reiterated that they will just be friends. She did not want to accept that, she was in love with the guy and got hurt. She even visited the guy last November 2015. Sends naked photos to the guy and brought him presents too. She wanted the guy to want her. This homewrecker Sally Tallant denies that she is not a whore and she does not want the guy. So if she really did not want the guy, why did she kept on messaging him and asking when is she going to see him; why did she questioned the guy that his wife is with him and they are spending the holidays; why did she messaged the wife and send photos. This is an example of a desperate old whore in her 50s who is desperate to hook a married man for herself. She wants to ruin a relationship for her own selfishness and greediness. Take note, this whore is supposed to be a teacher, an educator, no values and no self-respect. Imagine your child being her teacher, oh my. She threw herself to a married man, she did not refused anything. She even offered her house in Spain to the married guy to move in with her, she wanted the married guy to leave his wife for her. When these things did not happened, she messaged the wife and sent her photos. She wanted to hurt the wife badly because she cannot get what its not rightfully hers. She was so damned jealous and delusional. She wanted the wife to leave the husband; she wanted them to break up as a married couple for 13 years, with what? Because she hooked up and slept with a married guy for 5 weekends, she thinks she is worth it? She also likes sending naked photos of her. She had the audacity to message the wife and exposed herself, now you are being exposed in this website. Her parents must be proud of their daughter. Daughter of David Tallant. She even bragged that she did the couple a great favour. You think that you are a good person Sally Tallant?

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