Sally Torres is a person who is extremely dangerous and will clean you out. Sally Torres lives in Palmdale CA but has recently gotten engaged. Sally Torres is going to be living in New Mexico and her new husband. Its sad to say, but her new husband has no clue on the damage she has caused to me and to my relationships because of Sally Torres. Sally Torres has broken into my home, and hacked my computer and stole private info. Sally Torres has vandalized my house on two separate occasion, and even vandalized my current girlfriends car. Sally Torres has posted on the internet that I have STDs. Sally Torres has two restraining orders against her by the way. During our relationship Sally Torres was seeing this guy in New Mexico behind my back, and now she is engaged with him. Sally Torres is a meth addict but you would never know because she is so fat. Dont cross Sally Torres, or she will get violent and physical hurt you. If you try to defend yourself, Sally Torres will play the victim, and have you arrested. I believe in Karma and Sally Torres will get what she deserves.

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