Just after finding out I was pregnant with my partner of two years (at the time) , Samantha (friends with my partner from earlier years) seduced and convinced my partner to leave me for her, as they had tried before in the past and she wanted to try again. Because of this I had am abortion, he broke up with me and started seeing her straight away. For the next two months or so he continued seeing her, while coming back to me asif he still cared. She wasn’t giving him what he wanted, just leading him on enough to keep him there. I found out later this went on for 12 months or more, except he was basically back in a relationship with me. I cooked, cleaned, housed him, spoiled him, everything. But I was always second best to this girl. She is five years older than me, is a single mum and looks twice her age. Through all of this she would play with my mind, through social media always dropping hints, constantly messaging my partner, he told me I was imagining things. she would come into mg workplace because she knew she gave me anxiety attacks. She started to colour her hair like me, got tattoos like me and in the same places, styled her hair and outfits to the best she could, like me. She went to the extent to stalk my photos so she could buy the same crystals I wear (im extremely spiritual, she goes to church) and even followed my fans and liked pages on Instagram. Ultimately, she is an obsessive psychopath, who will pick you as a target, try and seduce your partner, and the way you present your self and things you like/do in an attempt steal your identity and life. She fucked with my life and my mind for over twelve months, I am now in therapy over the whole ordeal. I believe people who think this behavior is okay deserve some sort of consequence.

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