Sana Shaikh is a psychotic and manipulative liar. This woman will do anything for money too. She will blackmail you just for her gain too. She will tell you what ever you want to her, and is a good con artist. Sana Shaikh is 31 years old and is in her second marriage. She firstly got married at the age of 16 to her cousin. Due to the nature of her Pakistani background and religious beliefs, I guess her marriage to her cousin did not go as smooth as she expected. She is now on her second marriage, and lord knows how that marriage is staying together. She can not afford to loose this man. You have to feel sorry for this guy. She will lie and cheat on you, as soon as you go to work. She will only leave him if she knows she can better her situation. GOLD DIGGER . She works and studies at HFCC and lives in Inkster, Michigan. Her cell # is 734 353 8636. Do not contact her or do your best to ignore her if she comes in your way!!!

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