This individual is seriously, sick in the head. I can barely refer to her as a “woman” – the things she does are so abhorrent that she is a disgrace to her own gender. She has been divorced AT LEAST twice and has two children, the younger of whom is (or was) disabled. Her name is currently Sara Bryant, she’s in her mid to late 30’s (she may have even hit the big 40 by now, not sure), but she has gone by other names including (but unlikely limited to): Sara Blick and Sara Weber. She lives in Northern Kentucky, but works in the Cincinnati area.

She previously lived in Louisville, Kentucky. In this case, she got her disgusting little claws into my husband, knowing full well that he was married; she attempted to break up our family and has shown wanton disregard for others. She is only out to serve her own wants and pleasures and does not care who or what she destroys in the process. This is absolutely and completely horrendous, but she even used her disabled younger child to try and seem like she needed to be “saved” by my husband, the whole damsel in distress theory. That it and of itself is shameful – what kind of a mother does that? She is far from being a damsel in distress, she’s more like a siren that calls to seaman in the night causing shipwrecks, chaos and destruction far and wide. She is an emotional and possible physical threat to marriages, relationships and other women in general. After she was caught with my husband, she had the audacity to act as if *she* was the victim. She personally har ***** ed me to the point that I had to go to the police; the police advised that I should seek a restraining order against her so that she would be forced to stay away from my family and me. As I said before, she’s seriously sick in the head and is frankly a disgusting old hag just looking for another life to ruin. The only thing that I can figure is that she finds it fun to play with a man, taking his family’s resources for her own gain and then when she’s found out she plays the victim so that she can skirt the blame that is 100% on her. She does NOT care about anybody but herself – as I said before, she even uses her own children to get what she wants! She has been married and divorced at least twice now (hmm… I wonder why) and does not have a conscience to speak of. The company she works for has swept all of this under the rug and refuses to do anything about her outlandish and unbelievably atrocious behavior (and she does these things on company time no less). My guess is that she has her claws in someone in upper management which is why she is still there, they probably cannot get rid of her because they are afraid of reprisals. Her en ***** lement problems are un ***** ly and she thinks she gets whatever she wants, whenever she wants – no matter the cost. It really is disgusting the way that this individual thinks and acts. If you happen to find yourself near her, run far far away. She is no good to or for anyone and will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it destroys families in the process. She should be ashamed of herself, but she’s obviously not. Everyone should know about her absurd behavior because the things she does are absolutely and unequivocally NOT okay. Just so you know, the “younger” picture is almost 10 years old and the other (where she has a red shirt on) is supposedly current. She tries to make herself look decent in the current photo, but if you see her in person you’ll know even that photo has been run through photo shop, big time! She is gross and without any manners to speak of.


Cincinnati, Ohio

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