Sarah Costello (blanchard) of Westbrook is on Trash. Pure white trash. Sarah has 4 or 5 (maybe 6) children now, not including multiple abortions. Her first husband has custody of her first 3 boys, one of which may not even be his, because she was more interested in getting high and spreading her legs for money than she was taking care of her kids. She never fought for her boys, and only pretends to give a shit in pictures on the rare occasion she sees them. Fast forward to her next husband, who is in prison AGAIN. Once again Sarah was deemed unfit and lost their two kids, only to turn around and have another baby, but this one is black. SheÕs still married and claims itÕs her husbands but THE BABY IS A DIFFERENT RACE! That baby is nowhere in the picture now either. While Sarah is out being a known prostitute and posting her nasty selfies partying on social media, her kids are God knows where with God knows who. But rest assured, after a battle with cancer, Sarah kicked the heroin. Yay!! Now she has moved on this to the crack pipe, and since sheÕs already on her third set of dentures, she doesnÕt even have to worry about losing her teeth! Smile Sarah, and stay classy

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