Meet Scott Hendricks he and his ex-wife Corinne Hendricks are the biggest scammers on the planet. Stay away they are mentally unstable and they will drag you through courts, harass you, and laugh all the way to the bank. Scott Hendricks who works for Wells Fargo is a compulsive liar and doesnt see his children. He only sees his horrible children with his ex-wife he has other kids who are babies he doesnt see. He is a disgusting human beings. Stay away from this Dru addicted mentally deranged man and his psycho ex-wife. They will make your life hell. He moved to the Park Hill area so he doesnt have to be a father. He has STDs he is so gross. He was born 2-1-1980 and works for Wells Fargo. Stay away ladies this man will cause you so much pain. I have seen what he has done to multiple woman. These two people are scam artist stay away!!

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