Scott Joseph Dimartino of Chandler is on Scott Joseph DiMartino just did not want to pay child support anylonger. So instead of being a stand up man he abandoned his two young childrenÉson and daughter. They have paid the price for him not being a true father or role model. He was held in contempt in Georgia and Arizona courts for failure to appear and for non payment of child support. He has a business and other assets under other peoples names and hides income from the IRS. He lives in Chandler AZ and operates an Intermodal Transport company (OCEAN). He shirks his responsibility and laughs at law enforcement for not being able to enforce judgements. His new son Nicholaus lives in Chandler with his mother Jill, who he sees regularly. He is a wanted deadbeat criminal both by two States and Federal law enforcement. A Deadbeat dad who has made children pay the price of his irresponsible life. If you do business with is guy think of how he must be treating you behind the scenes based on how he has treated his children. DEADBEAT!

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