Commentary about Sebastien YSABEL, Geneva & Annecy, FRANCE posted to From : apostolia posted on 2016-11-04 A scammer, a douchebag married for 13 years and cheater for 9 years while I was breastfeeding at home and looking after our two small kids, he was scamming women online for sex, having a mistress for 2 years and enjoying having sexual encounters with hundrends of prostitutes while spending our family’s savings ! His family supports him and applauses him for all these. My mother in law told me that I had no any right to interfere with the” private affairs” of his son the day I found out everything! I left my country, my family, my career in order to move in his country, in France, and eventually be treated as an inferior woman while I have been in University and I own a degree:-( His mother, his father and his sister are all happy that our marriage is broken because as I couln’t speak yet their language very well I was no able to fully support him financially. ( I was only paying for food, kid’s school fees and their clothes and other stuff and my car’s petrol and insurance …) He has been always unstable with jobs and he is still looking for one while all these years I managed to set up a small business , in HIS country, and become entrepreneur! He was secretly subotasing my efforts to expand my business because his family didn’t like the fact that I created a home office in order to look after the kids at the same time! According to their opinion, In HIS country the women have to work only outside the house! If they are inside then they are pretenders and lazy. I have never asked him for any money, clothes, restaurants, car or other women’s stuff…. I was closed in the house most of the time, wearing old clothes or some new ones sometimes that I bought them only to go to supermarkets and kids playgrounds, I had no makeup, I was looking after the kids and bringing them at school, to the swimming pool and other activities, I had no friends, he was never happy to take us out….. and you know what? I accepted this kind of lifestyle! He was not respecting any boundaries in our marriage so he was never at home and he was going out and coming in as in a hotel. He used to come at 4 or 5 in the morning or sometimes at 8 saying that he had some drinks with coworkers and when I was confronting him he was yelling at me and when I was getting mad at him asking him to stop all that he was beating me!!! Shame on him and to his family who exist to destroy innocent people’s life. Now I am on the healing process, I feel a void inside me, I don’t care for anyone and anything except of myself and my kids. I am very different woman that will never trust anyone again after this Emotional and Psychological Traumatic Experience!!!! From : rahmad24 posted on 2010-08-19 sdadadfafafakjfuahjnjnnbagdjauajd8ajfijajfnuahjfyafnuahkakwj7yasdwjmwujsudjkwia7sdyuakwkaisudysjdjakaiosklapoalskauhahaytyddajjakdkaiuiauydhaudhuayudha7ydhwauhiydhauiwyhayhsdaidjiau8duuaduiajdujaud7ay7dya6yd7awr8arujs8duaidjadoaida7djk8audiajdajaijda From : rahmad24 posted on 2010-08-19 hy nama aku rahmad From : bullit268 posted on 2010-07-16 yea she once weighed 260 lbs From : emilio posted on 2010-07-15 She must have had some massive wings for them to do that surgery, o.k. when someone loses a massive amount of wieght they get these flaps and the only way to remove them is to have them cut off, how much did she weight? 4 or 5 hundreds pounds before? From : posted on 2010-07-15 wow – the attached photo… hopefully you didn’t pay too much for those boobs. One nipple is facing south while the other is straight on. Why are her arms in bandages?? From : bullit268 posted on 2010-07-15 Married to this chick for 11 miserable years. As soon as she got plastic surgery she decided to fool around with the neighbor across the street while I was away on travel. When that went bad because he had some morals she immediately moved on to one of her friends friend Pages: 1.

Note: Some of the commentary about Sebastien YSABEL, Geneva & Annecy, FRANCE is a collection of user forum submissions from the previous cheaters registry site.  As such, some format may be off, but the dates when the comments were made about Sebastien YSABEL, Geneva & Annecy, FRANCE by the users were preserved.


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