This disgusting, whore of a woman seeks out married men as well as takes any offer put on the table for her to scheme and lie and do what this trash does. The pictures above are just a few of the ones she has sent to multiple married men. She has them use private messaging apps so she can keep her dirty little secrets. She even tries to arrange trips to see married men that she doesn’t live close to, but the BEST part is she tries to use her husband’s military discount for the hotel rooms. This rat looking woman has no shame or moral compass what so ever!!!! She has many alias so as to throw off those she is trying to deceive. She even continues to throw herself at these married men even after their wives find out about her adulterous ways. She also doesn’t pick just one married man at a time, she has multiple men she talks to at the same time. Sadly, I don’t think all the husbands know that. She has no problem breaking up families and destroying people’s lives for her own self gain and ego. Obviously the husbands are just as bad, but there will be separate posts for them once all the other wives have been notified and names and pictures have been gathered. Maybe this post will shake her filthy mind to be a better person and to stop messing with other people’s marriages because I have seen first hand the destruction she has caused in my friend’s marriage.


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