Shane Richard Engberg of Seattle is on Shane Richard Engberg is the father of 3 kids from 2 different mothers. He was married to a woman and had 2 kids with her and then assaulted their 4 month old daughter while the mother was at work causing his youngest daughter Melody severe permanent brain damage, and as a result she is unable to walk, unable to talk, blind, with seizures, feeding tube and other complications. This deadbeat dad wonÕt pay his back child support or current child support for the daughter he damaged and son who he has tremendously failed by being a horrible role model and loser of a father. There is a protection order in place where Shane is not allowed to see any of his 3 kids. Shane Richard Engberg is one of the worse fathers while other men are taking care of his responsibilities he is still so immature and playing games. This deadbeat dad is probably out making more kids and ruining someone elseÕs life. He is not safe to be around and is narcissistic. Any father that would try to kill his child is very dangerous. Shane refuses to grow up and assume responsibility for his actions and canÕt be trusted.

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