Shannon Daley-Fulmer Little Elm, Texas, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Shannon Daley-Fulmer Little Elm, Texas is as follows: This morally bankrupt home-wrecker did her best to destroy my marriage of 18 years and the lives of my two children. It wasnt enough that she had already failed at marriage twice and had two children of her own in a broken home, but she preyed upon my husband first posing as a ÒfriendÓ to get close during a difficult time in our marriage that had caused considerable financial and emotional stress for both of us. Knowing, personally, full-well how difficult marriage and child-rearing often is, any ÒfriendÓ would offer encouragement and support, but this foul creature tried to drag my husband into the miserable broken world in which she lived.; After months of sexting via Facebook chat with my husband she boldly and shamelessly left her 2 unfortunate and very small children with someone (I assume), came into my home, met me and my children, enjoyed my hospitality, and proceeded to use sex to lure my husband into a fantasy world where there are no dirty clothes, homework, bills, or commitments, just fun. To demonstrate the type of vulgar and crude propositions that she used, consider the following chat message she sent to my husband: ÒI love sports and I hate shopping, except when I cum in the dressing roomÓ. What a contrast to the same old wife at home who was struggling in the real world.; Sadly, the moral decay actually goes beyond sleeping with another womans husband; it wasnt long before she even sunk so low as to bring her two young children WITH her to a hotel where she then left them unattended in one room while having sex with my husband in another room!; There is a reason why women like this used to be run out of town: the family unit is the foundation of society. When the family breaks down, society breaks down. Strong marriages and families dont happen by accident; they require effort. Husbands and wives that are trying to walk the walk day after day as spouses, parents, and good neighbors do not need the added challenge of sexual temptation by those who have failed in their own walk and are simply trying to spread their misery instead of trying to improve their own lives and the lives of those who depend on them.; Fortunately, my husbands eyes opened to the poison she was and her efforts to destroy our family were unsuccessful. But great wounds have been inflicted that will take a long time to heal. My husband by no means wants nor has been given a pass for his role in the affair and he has a long way to go in order to redeem his honor and integrity, but at least he has taken responsibility for his actions and so far is following through with steps needed to rebuild trust and become the man that I know he was and can be again. On the contrary, even now, after everything has been discovered by me and the emotional trauma to our family is plain to see, this woman continues to try to contact my husband and to represent herself (via her Facebook page) as a woman with conservative family values who loves being a momÉ hmmmÉ. Whether she is simply a devious fraud or genuinely delusional, I do not know, but I hope this post serves to expose her for the monster that she is so that others will be forewarned.; *WE NEED A PHOTO OF SHANNON DALEY-FULMER, IF YOU HAVE ONE PLEASE SEND IT TO [email protected]*

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