Beware of this Australian rugby player turned personal trainer/gym owner now residing in Jacksonville Beach Florida. He lures in women & girls with his exotic good looks, Aussie accent & smooth talk. Beneath that sweet & humble exterior lies a menace to women everywhere! For 20 years, this egomaniac has used women to serve his needs: attention, sex, love, drugs, money. When he burned all his bridges in Australia, he hopped a plane to Florida where he found a new crop of women to destroy, abandoning a young daughter that he does not support. He married a woman in the US in order to get a green card, and left her in the dust. My friend had a 3 yr relationship with this predator, allowing him to live in her home with her children, causing her to lose over $200K in alimony. She supported him and helped him build a business. He is now more interested in sex with teenaged clients, so the family that supported him will soon be homeless! DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! YOU CANNOT CHANGE HIM!!! The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist!

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