First of all I have to say my spouse is a wounded warrior veteran who for the year prior the affair the VA, doctors, family and friend had been speaking to him about attending another in hospital stay treatment program for his chronic PTSD and severe depression and other issues. We both ended up having surgery delaying the process but once we up and functioning again we discussed the topic of his in stay hospitalization and he had agreed to attend the program making statements to me and his family he needs help, because he feels like he was losing his mind and that he had not been taking is med for over a year and a half. I was in disbelief. At that time I knew he needed the help desperately. In September 2015 we went on a week long romantic cruise together. In the middle of October we dancing and living up at our son’s wedding. At the end of October he attended his pychiatrist appointment at the VA and we discussed the hospitalization and treatment program and now was at the point and time that it was just waiting for the date to take him to the hospital for treatment. The first week of November 2015 my husband was attending a yearly event with other wounded warriors on hunting trip in Georgia. That is when she began texting my spouse, at first it was innocent then, it progressed to sexual content and speaking on the phone. My husband even told her that he suffers dearly from mental illness. Her response was we are all mentally ill in someway. LOL. he tried telling her but she blatently ignored him, making sexual advances and bringing up the past. At first he ignored the text. Also on the first week of November 2015 she was served papers for her and all members of her household to vacate her residence due to foreclosure of her which she was served foreclosure papers in October. Shari’s son Jon was married on October 31, 2015 and she knew that her son and his wife would not live with her forever. Guess that was true because his wife got a mortgage and purchased her and Jon their own house in her name only they closed on it in April 2016. Now she was the only left to pay her own bills. she couldn’t afford them even with two other people helping. that is when she set her plan into motion and began pursing hard on my husband constant texting, constant calling while he was Georgia. On his way home from Georgia he called and we were talking and he told me he met another veteran there who had invited him to go hunting the following weekend in Denton, TX. I said we can discuss when you get home baby, he said ok, I Love You. We discussed it, and agreed he could go hunting in Denton since it was only for 2 days. He called me when he waas 45 minutes from Denton and that was the last time I heard from him for three days. I was scared and litterly worried sick. I had called him and texted and no response. I was thinking that he was laying out in the woods badly injured or worst yet. DEAD. I was in the process of conducting a missing persons report with our local police departmet when the Low Jack was run and a search on his phone when we discovered where they located at an address of 4550 East Hereford Lane in McAlester OK I then knew where he was. that is when I began collecting the texts and evidence. While he was on his wayh ome he finally called and I asked why he hadn’t returned by call and he said, he didn’t get a signal and that he had lost his phone. when he got home I presented the texts and the information from his phone and Low Jack and he explained to me that he didn’t have a place to stay to hunt and he stayed at Jon’s house. I said where was Shari and he said she don’t live there. She lives somewhere else and that is Jon and his wif’es house. I asked if he saw her and he said No, she was at the hospital with her mom, we are only friends. he didn’t know I had all the texts. I contacted her numerous times and she didn’t answer her nor did she answer texts nor Facebook messages. I told her he had not been on meds for a year and half and was attending another in hospital treatment program. That his mind gets stuck in the past if he don’t take his meds. She ignored me. then his his family tried contacting she ignored them too. Then the texts began coming more frequently to every hour on the hour. I went to the cell phone account and turned off his cell phone. Suspended it. But then they began talking on FB, she was telling him she loved him, she never stopped loving him and she NEEDED him. Needed being the optimum word here. I heard from the VA concerning his appointment for the in hospital treatment program and they had scheduled him to attend starting January 4 2016. The first week of December he tells me he isn’t in love with me anymore and I said good, I would rather you not be in love with me but love me. He said I do love you. Two days later he was no longer loved me and wanted a divorce and he wanted a week to be alone to think and I said OK I will go to our daughter’s in Colorado and I will have aunt Toni come pick you up and take you to the airport for you to come out to Colorado. The following Saturday he took my truck into for scheduled service to be done when he came purchasing another vehicle. I went to Colorado. short story here, he left 3 days later and went to OKLAHOMA! stayed there until December 16 when he came to Colorado at that time he was saying he didnt know what he wanted or needed that all he knew is that he needss help. He did have an appointment on the 19th of December at the VA but it was cancelled. he was adament that he did not do it. I showed him on the VA webiste it was cancelled. The prior night I went to the bed we were sleeping in at our daughter’s and later that evening, he left in the middle night I woke up went downstairs and asked where he was and they said, he left to go get admitted early to the hospital, that he felt he couldn’t wait anylonger, I called him and spoke on the phone and he was very agigated, angered stating he was going alone that he needed to do this. He didn’t care his appointment was cancelled that he was going to walk in and wait tell them he couldn’t wait any longer he didn’t trust himself and was afraid he was going to hurt himself or someone else. True fact he did try to kill me before when he was like this. He never showed to the doctor never showed at the VA he came back to our house, but left and went back to OK. We know she continously talked him out of it. Now we are divorcing! People who see him say he don’t look good at all that he even looks 10 years older. he calls me and other family members yelling and screaming not making sense at all. Weeks later calling and crying that he don’t know what he is doing and really needs help saying he don’t love her and don’t have feelings for her and want away from her we tell him to leave. To calling me saying I love you help me. Now he has isolated himself from his family. We know the only reason she pursued him and gaslighted his mind is that she needs his benefits his social security check, and his VA check. That’s it! But once she realizes he really don’t have that kind of money after paying our bills she won’t want him. She will dump him like she has other men, even the guy she was engaged to before. Yeah she done this before. Even destroyed the marriage of my spouse previous marriage. Afterwards, she was engaged to another man, but once his divorce become official and dump his ass. Is this what is going to happen to my spouse. When our divorce is final, she dumps him and leaves a wounded warrior veteran homeless. Sick ass bitch

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