Sharon Hardy & Freddie Hurt of Tallapoosa is on This stupid woman here allows this man to run from his responsiblities. Anyone who assists a man to dodge his child is just as sorry as he is.; SheÕs crazy and have mental issues. She tried to run him and his child off the road because she was jealous that he spent ValentineÕs Day with the childÕs mother and the child and not with her. Sit down and take your turn, you ainÕt the only one.; Both of them have mental issues. He will mistreats his baby girl for a bitch. Come to find out, he never has been a father to any of his children. Just a male whore. Fucking whatever walking and running when the responsiblilites come. You canÕt hide from the District Attorney nor your social security number. Play!!!!; He beats women and cheats on every woman he marries or dates. She even caught him twice red handed with me and still ÒhaveÓ to have a man.; Bitch wake up and tell that sorry man to take care of his responsiblities. If he mistreat his own child, what do you think he would do to you? He has no heart or soul. A wolf in sheepÕs clothing.; Preaching nothing but sin and lies. CanÕt be preaching GodÕs Word and living in the world as if God doesnÕt exists.; Both of you are poor excuses for the human race. A woman will tell a man when he is wrong. He was man enough to lay down and get the child, be man enough to support her. We donÕt want nothing but our DNA test, child support, VA benefits, and base privileges. We donÕt want you in our lives because you arenÕt a man. You are a boy. Boys run from their responsibilities. Men donÕt leave their houses, change their phone numbers, hide behind the church and their mamas just to keep from owning up to their wrong. You canÕt hide baby.

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