Shawna Christine Bennet Binkley Alabama, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Shawna Christine Bennet Binkley Alabama is as follows: Im 27 with a 6 month old. Im not married. Ive been in a relationship with a total loser (well call him ÒKenÓ for all intensive purposes) for far too long. Seven years? He has no intentions on marrying me. I am no longer going to let myself be delusional. I need to air out all this bad joojoo from this relationship before it steals ALL of who I used to be instead of just most.; You bet your ass this Betty is bitter. Everything this manÉ correction, BOY has done has made me one pissed off bitch. Should you feel bad for me? Fuck no. I let him do it. I should have just cut the mother fucker years ago and left him for dead. Okay, maybe thats a bit drastic, but Im just trying to get the point across- I am pissed the fuck off. Not just at him; at myself, as well. Well start about 2 years ago.; We were drug addicts together for a period of time in the middle of our relationship: we imploded and went our separate ways. Both of us clean; him to Florida, me to Alabama. Ken decides he wants to try the long distance thing and since I love him, I do too. Fast forward three months. He no longer wants to live in Florida so I move him here, and we get kicked out of my mothers house because my step father hates him. We were so irresponsible for so long, I dont blame him. So my mother pays for us to live in a hotel until we get a place. Ken starts working and I had my gallbladder removed because it was making me sick. So we get our own place and I was still looking for a job, so I took care of the house; cooked, cleaned. I didnt know anyone here so I was bored out of my mind. Well Ken starts hanging out with some people from work and excludes me. And excludes me. And excludes me. Treats me like I dont matter. Mind you, my mother is still helping us with bills at this point, AND driving him to work. Well he brings his Ôfriends around and we start drinking with them. He tells me he thinks a girl from work is cute. Obviously he very much likes this girl and I am not dumb enough to believe that its innocent, but shes married and doesnt seem like she likes him like that.; Oh wait, did I mention I am fat and unattractive? I guess I am not that unattractive, but I certainly dont feel like I am anymore. Anyway.; Were drinking with a chick, who just happens to be the sister of the girl Ken likes and her male Ôfriend. I get wasted because Ken and I are fighting, and I pass out. I wake up a while later and cant find Ken anywhere, but the male friend is passed out on the couch in the living room. I go to the bathroom, which is (SHOCKER!!!) locked! So I proceed to start kicking the door in, to find them both topless. She was terrified. I had come a long way from the drug/drama addict I used to be, so I told her male Ôfriend to get her the fuck out of my house. But nothing happened! Oh, yeah, except she then attempts to say he tried to rape her, but she isnt going to do anything about it, because he didnt actually rape her.; So then I find out Im pregnant a few days later. Oh joy, right? Ken and I are going to work it out, though. We were fighting, and way too drunk, right? Right. So lets work it out. Remember Kens crush? Well call her Shawna, cause thats the whores fucking name. She acts like she feels sorry about the situation, all nice and shit for a moment. But then she ignores me on Facebook. And then she starts acting weird whenever she comes around. So of course, I figure somethings weird, but Ken assures me its not, Im just hormonal and crazy, right? RIGHT. So one day Ken takes off on a bike for 8 hours.; He was riding around the neighborhood the entireeee time.; She lives about two miles away.; And she just happens to post a f**king status on her Facebook about how sometimes people are better off just as friends because the times in their lives arent right.; But Im crazy for putting those two things together and asking him about it, right? RIGHT.; So I had a rough pregnancy. You know what made it more difficult? Having Ken text Shawna, everyday. All the time. But they were just friends. It wasnt that I thought he was fucking her, its that I could tell he really liked this girl. Like, really liked her. I kept telling him, we dont have to be together. Go be with her. No, no, Betty, youre crazy. At this point, I am not calling bullshit anymore, I am screaming it. He wont leave, I cant leave. So I take a trip to Ohio. He lies about where he is, saying he is home when he is not. Wont answer phone calls or texts half of the time. Mind you, Im 5 months pregnant with his child. What a winner, right? So after my four week trip to Ohio, I come home and Shawna asks me to babysit for her, so I do. We needed the money and he had pretty much convinced me I was crazy. So I babysit her daughter until her mother comes back from Germany a week later. And then her daughters birthday rolls around and were supposed to go to the party together and he tells me that I cant go. Leaves me bawling my eyes out.; What. a. man.; And then Shawnas husband beats her ass a few days later, for the 7,864 time. She had a major thing with putting up her Òpity me, woe is me, I need help with this, I need help with thatÓ bullshit. Major attention whore. She tells everyone she is moving, yada yada yada. I find my laptop opened to the Google search, ÒMiss you poems.Ó But Im crazy right?; This mother fucker spent god knows how long literally convincing me that I was completely fucking nuts. And I was really starting to believe him.; Fast forward to coming back from my babyshower in Ohio we took a trip for. He is wasted and texting on his phone. He gets a silly grin on his face, so of course CRAZY BETTY gets an idea in her head. So I look at Kens phone. Òyou got me so twisted Ive never felt this way about another girl, when i get back im going to find a way to come spend the night ionfrlknrÓ; That last part is to demonstrate that he was wasted, however, the situation is inexcusable.; I was 8 months pregnant at this point. We had spent months fighting over this. So much stress on me and my baby. He had spent the duration of my pregnancy partying and taking off. He had completely cut me out of whatever social life he had. I was isolated, miserable, heart broken. I had begged him to just leave if he wasnt happy. He wasnt required to stay with me just because he got me pregnant. Ken was not being honorable by staying, he was being selfish. Using me and my mother, because he didnt have the support system that my mother was.; I had a meltdown after that. I wanted to roll over and die. My life has always been hard, and I had thought that maybe things would get better when I had my baby. I had wanted one for so long, I just wanted a family of my own. Not broken, or destroyed. Just a chance to be truly happy for the first time in my life. After all I had been through, I really deserve it.; Anyway, they both said nothing happened. I started texting her after I read that message. She said that they liked each other but they werent involved at all. I didnt believe a word she said, but I was so exhausted from fighting this same fight for so long. I couldnt handle it anymore. He said he would quit talking to her, quit working with her.; He didnt.; Fast forward to the day our son was born. Five minutes after, she was commenting on my sons picture, no congrats. Just questioning which hospital we were at. And then she deleted it. Hm, I felt like someone was a little jealous.; He said he wasnt talking to her.; Fast forward a month later to me finding that titty picture in his email. He denied it was her for 6 hours. Does the comforter in the titty picture look similar to the one in the other picture to you?; TOLD ME I WAS CRAZY.; What pisses me off most is that this bitch came at me like she was honest, and had morals. Had me babysit her daughter. Told me she hoped we could work it out for the sake of our son.; When I messaged her on Facebook, this is how she first responded:; ÒFuck off.. he did it .. ask his friend I dont remember a thing.. Ken* is a perv n is lucky that I didnt pursue charges bc what he did was wrong.. he knew I drinking. . He gave me the pills .. he is a whore. .; F**k off fatty . Ken* is a piece of shit..Ó; Call me naive. I am. Call me an idiot. I am. Shit, call me fat, Im that too. At least I am not a liar and a homewrecker. Throughout the entire situation I never took any of it out on her. I put all my anger and hate on Ken. But I cant stand girls who cant even take responsibility for their own actions. She then proceeded to threaten me with violence. I have a child. I am not a teenager. I dont have a mom that I dump my kid off on like she does. He most certainly did not take advantage of her. They are both disgusting whores, and, SHOCKER!! are still talking to each other! He took advantage of you and he is a piece of shit, but you just cant stay away, can you? Oh, did I mention that he divulged to me that she does meth? I had a feeling, because she acted like a nut job sometimes, super hyper and fast talking to the point I could barely understand her.; We still live together. Its miserable, and I fucking hate him. I am hoping to get out of this situation for my own sake as well as the sake of my child. We deserve better than this. For all you ladies in this area, watch out for Shawna, she likes to pretend shes a nice respectable girl, but she is a lying junkie homewrecking attention whore and just cant admit it to herself.

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