Shawon Dantoniel James of Atlanta is on 6 kids. 2 of which are just weeks apart. HeÕs ashamed for anyone to know about them because he doesnÕt want to look like the Òbad guyÓ. DoesnÕt contribute to the well being of his children but will make sure women are taken care of. He canÕt manage to keep a roof over his head longer than 6 months. He has his random binge moments where he wants to do drugs and not care about anything.Never met a man that had kids and refused to get a 9 to 5 to support them because he doesnÕt want to work for someone else. No all men in the army learn a Damn thing from being in the army. His level of responsibility and discipline is out the window. Makes 0 child support payments. He says call me selfish but I gotta worry about me first.

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