Sheila Fenton, when her ex was out of town stole every piece of furniture and household belongings. She also stole his BlackBerry and $12,500 in cash. Her mother, Freide has also reported that Sheila has been prostituting out of Mulligans Pub in Avon, Ohio. Sheila has a sexually transmitted disease as well. There is a $10,000 cash reward offered for the return of the property as well as the identification of those accomplices who assisted in the theft. Sheila Fenton also was witnessed vandalizing exs BMW. Sheila Fenton has Borderline Personality Disorder, lies, cheats- and obviously- steals. Sheila Fenton uses various men to achieve short term goals and has called in- and ultimately recanted- Domestic Violence charges on the last 4 men in her life when they ended their relationships with her. She is also trying to revoke her ex-husbands military disability pension- hes a disabled former Marine. Her children have abandoned her. Sheila Fenton is an alcoholic and smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day. Sheila Fenton is not employed and has no income. Rather, she hooks, steals, and demands that the men in her life fund her needs. Sheila Fenton pattern has been repeated with the last 4 men in her life. She is being investigated for these thefts as well as being under investigation from Bank of America for check fraud on exes account as well as Capital One for credit card fraud. Just ask her:{REMOVED BY ADMIN}. She also hangs out in the Avon Lake area in such bars as Third Base and Tailgators where she picks up her johns.

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