Shelby Morrison of Goldsboro is on Running from Wayne,Johnston, Wake,Cumberland county spreading HIV BE AWARE cause he been diagnosed with HIV full blown and have medical records that can be provided and have a lot of kids out here and donÕt do shit for them this man should get life sentence in prison for not telling people he have HIV he messing up a lot of women lifeÕs behind HIV by not telling them that he sick this is a true fact cause IÕm one of the women he got sick IÕm infected with HIV from Shelby Morrison IÕm 42 years old I have to take medicine to stay alive to fight this disease off this is sad how people do others when they sick now I changed my life to good cause itÕs no way around it from this day foward I forgive you Shelby for what you did to my life by giving me HIV everything that look good ainÕt always good my family want to hurt this man right now for giving out to me and he know he was infected with HIV please be aware of this man ladies.

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