Shelia Bledsoe (Shelia Rena Kirk), Concordia, Missouri, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Shelia Bledsoe (Shelia Rena Kirk), Concordia, Missouri is as follows: Sheila is the type of woman that will do anything any where. She doesnt care if they are taken or not. Me and my boyfriend have been together 8 months and I recently found out that she proposed sex to him over the internet and did meet up with him in person. They spent 2 hours together having sex at his place then she proceeds to message me and tell me all about it. This woman is the devil. I asked her to please stay away from my man and to promise not to do it again and she said she couldnt promise because if he wanted sex she would give it to him. Shes nothing but a home wrecking whore. Me and him had plans to spend our lives together and get married and now that has been ripped apart because of one trifling woman who thinks she can screw whoever she wishes. I hope karma serves her right.

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