Shelley Cortes, Temecula, California, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Shelley Cortes, Temecula, California is as follows: Heres a story to really make you think before you mistake anyone without truly knowing them! Let me start off with a little back story of myself. I grew up with a mother who was married twice, once before I was born and once with me as a young child, that ended in divorce when. I was five. Then she met the man of her dreams and is still going strong. Third times the charm. I guess. However, this opened a light in my eyes of what to do and what not to do. I guess we all have to make mistakes for ourselves.; When I was eighteen I became pregnant with my daughter, it was rough, I was working since I was fourteen, had straight As in school, and was dedicated to anything I was involved in. So being pregnant I really stepped up my game and with my parents support I made it work. Well idk what changed me but I felt I had to be married not to.rely on my parents, so I jumped in head first met this guy, and married within five months. HUGE MISTAKE! He was military and it was just awful. Deployments (idk how you military wives do it, mad props) cheating, lies, the whole nine yards, I felt lost and was ready to run, and then boom four years later as Im about to leave him I find out Im pregnant. So I try again with him. His story could go on forever but thats not the point. Being so close to my parents I went and stayed with them, my dad is the superintendent at a huge well known construction company, and everyone says youre Whos daughter, as if Im well known. Anyhow my dad would have his workers over all the time. And most acted like big brothers to me, but there was one in particular that stood out. I had known him six years at this point and could talk to about anything, and he (Cory) told me I needed to try one more time for the sake of my second daughter. During the last trimester of my pregnancy my husband found out his father was ill, he passed days after and my husband lost it, became a drunk, military honorable discharged him (he received A large settlement from his dads estate) he was smoking weed, went to mental health hospital the whole nine yards.. after two years and no change I left.; I moved back in with my parents, and it was a wake up call for him, I truly believe me leaving him he was able to better himself health wise but he was cruel. Found and married a new girl had three kids in three years and hasnt seen his daughter since.; In the meantime I confided in Cory, my parents liked him and when he would come over while I was at work he would always bring my kids gifts, ice cream etc.. it made my heart smile that someone would take the time to think of them, and for that it started a great friendship.; In 2008 when my divorce finalized Cory asked my dad if he could take me out, he didnt ask me though, lol. I was still healing and trying to get my life together but refused to make the same mistakes..; I got my own place, worked hard, my children stayed with my parents every weekend because I worked Friday through Tuesdays. My parents are Christian and took them to church every Sunday and then to the cafe for lunch.; I dated Cory here and there, but we werent an item. After two years we decided to take the next step and we moved in together. I know that while we were dating he would talk to females, and I didnt care because we werent official, and he would share stories with me and we would laugh for hours over these crazy girls. We built our relationship from a strong friendship. Once we moved in though, I asked him if he would kindly stop talking to these other girls and he said he never replies to them because he got what he wanted. I trust easily I guess, but I feel like if I have to ask, or snoop or go.through phones then we probably shouldnt be together.; We finally moved out of our apartment to a house a year later, it was a lot better for our family, but he ended up losing his job and things became a little stressful, so much that because of the fighting or lack of interest to improve the situation I asked him to leave, he refused.. he got unemployment and became mister mom taming the kids to school, activities, beach, all the above.; Well, I did something Ive never done before, and I checked our phone bill, this was done because at the time to block a number you had to log into your online account to, and I saw this number texting and calling him seriously up to a 100s a day. So I called it and this Asian sounding twat answered Nd I said how do you know Cory? She said hes my boyfriend, I said um hows that possible when this is his wife? I know I lied but it was like history repeating itself. She said oh we met in February of 2012 and he bought me a ring for Xmas, I said well now I know youre lying because I have all the money and reports, he didnt buy you shit. I asked if she was sleeping with him she said yes. I said ok, well im telling you hes married and you need to kick rocks. When he got home I confronted him, and he told me that she was the girl he used to tell me stories about and that she was truly psychotic. I let it go completely because the phone records showed he wasnt replying back to her.; Fast forward to march of 2013. I am a surrogate, I love helping people in need, and helping myself in doing so. I signed my contracts, but I will tell you this wasnt easy the injections made me insane, they sent me from angel to devil and him and I split for a week. He came home because he missed us. I learned to control myself, had a transfer and was confirmed.pregnant end of July with twins. Now in august my hormones took a change for the worse I couldnt even eat I was so sick, and I was snapping at everyone including my kids, I felt like a horrible person. He was working again and the long hours and coming home and passing out made me feel neglected so I overreacted in a fight and kicked him out.; Everyday he would text how much he loved and missed us and blah blah blah, he would come by the house before work to check on us, now his employment with my dad was contract work and construction small world out here, so his new job was same work just different contractors, so everyone knew what was going on, but they told him keep trying thats your family. Well one morning, I woke up to texts from his phone, three texts saying.. hes in my bed, fucking psycho tweeker get a life, and lastly HES WITH ME NOW, I flipped my sh*t, but before I could go off the deep end, my mother called me saying she got a text that said leave my fiance alone, a text from mutual friends and his mother saying the same thing. He ended up calling me and I said so do you ha e anything to tell me he said no.. I said ok well you need to explain things to our mothers and our friends he said why. I said well apparently your fiance????? Is telling people to.leave you alone and then I hung up on him. Not but ten minutes later he was at our home. He said he went and stayed with this crazy psycho, the one who called him a 100 times a day, the one we used to laugh over, because when I kicked him out he had no where to go and he knew this piece of psychoticness would take him in. He immediately came home.. well, at this point I couldnt be mad, I kicked him out, but while he was gone I missed him and so did my kids, so we worked on things and were perfect, I progressed full term with twins, we both were working and enjoying life. The big day came and I had my csection and was home two days later, my mom stayed with me in the hospital while he stayed with the kids one night and then he took them to my dads. He bought me a ring and proposed the whole nine yards, he was what I had been waiting for.. or NOT!!!!; Anyway things were great until one sunday I was enjoying a beer and cleaning because we just bought a house and were moving and my phone starts going off with 102 emails, emails from this ugly brake busted bitch. Pictures of one of my cars at her house, pictures of him walking in front of her pictures of weird shit, like she was trying to set him up. Anyway this bitch flew off the handle saying because hes not married hes a bachelor and free to do what he wants but he is engaged to her. HAHA, um no. He knew what was happening because he had just left and are you ignored his call so he came back to the house immediately once he got back to the house I showed him the emails that were coming in non stop and he had nothing to say had a blank look on his face that he was so confused once I started going through all the emails and reading the text you could tell he could see how hurt I was I started crying I was so beyond stressed still from hormones and just having babies this girl is so psycho but hes to blame he led her on as a plan B just in case things didnt work out with us because he knew she would always be there this girl has ruined my life trying to say that because were not married Im nothing. I was devastated I couldnt believe that history was repeating itself.; I went through every email printed them and saved them in a file. I know he made a huge mistake, but in his defense, not that theres much shes psychotic and wouldnt get the hint anyway..I emailed her back that she just made the worst mistake of her life. I have her number, but she blocked me, I have her email, where she works and where she lives. Although I monitor the phone records she continuously tries but nothing there on his end, I dont blame him I kicked him out, but the moment he was home hes with me and thats it, he was there a whopping three weeks and youre engaged, ya right shelley. Howd it feel to know I made a police report against you for opening things in his name, hows it feel knowing I took all your harrassing emails to me to your employer and showed this who you really are, oh ya but hows it feel knowing he went to you when I didnt want him?; This bitch degrades for being a surrogate which is the most selfless thing someone I exposed her on instagram too, if you hashtag her name you can.see my story. I may be retarded to try to work things out with him but he didnt cheat I kicked him out, but she will not stop in her ways. She has no social media sites, shes 37 no kids, no nothing she is NOTHING, oh and Shelley Cortes thats what he called you, NOTHING. From one woman to another heres cheers to you bitch. If you continue in your ways I will press charges against you for the property you stole, the stalking coming to our home And the harassing emails texts etc.; Dont be jelly p*ta, you are EXACTLY the reason. This site is here, oh btw that last email you sent me with your photos letting me know your young beautiful and successful hahahaha let me clarify youre 37 im 31, secondly, beautiful? Honey you at your best doesnt compare to me even at my worst, and successful? If that were true you wouldnt be begging him for money to pay your rent. You are pathetic disgusting excuse for a woman and I am far from done with you.

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