This chick is crazy,she will go in your wallet while your sleep,she is in all kind of debt,her car is in repo status they are looking for her car she works in Mt.laurel, every time she get money it go in her mouth thats why I call her Yum Yum,her mom is crazy as hell her dad is a Crackhead her grandmother is a liar and brother a loser,what a dysfunctional familys he steals out your wallet the she had two friends Sonya and Vicky that she talk shit about all the time the sex and head is wacky she looks like the predator with those ragged ass braids in her hair,she said Sonya does keep a clean house or take care of her son,and that Vicky must be gay because she cant get a man and that she is always lieing about having a man she got mad Vicky loaned here 100.00 for 200.00 back,she also said Vickis mom is a terrible Real Estate agent,she go to her mom house and her mom want even let her in,She got evicted from her apartment in Cherry Hill NJ,guys this woman isnt clean she cant cook or clean she spent so much time at Duncan donuts I thought she was a police,she always talking shit about her co-workers,she get paid every two weeks and broke in 3 days,she behind on credit card bills,every bill she got she behind on them,bad built as hell no ads saggy titties,she told me once her ex wanted her to stick her finger in his but while they had sex and she did it but whos gay!the government will hire anyone if they hire this fraud.

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