One of the hardest things to find in life is true love. A lot of people, if not all, dreams to find their true love and to live blissfully. Sometimes you probably think that you have found your true love and then you find out in the end that youre not. You trusted and you believed but then youll find out you have been played the fool. Most guys hope that they wont have to experience being cheated by their girlfriend or wife. However, it is the truth that in the recent years, the likelihood of their girlfriend or wife cheating on them has increased exponentially. Recent studies have shown a considerable percentage of women admitting of being unfaithful. For that reason, it might be a valid suspicion if you think that your girl is cheating on you. Why Would She Cheat On You Before tackling the topic of the signs to tell you if your girl is cheating on you, better first learn of why would she cheat on you, right? The most common reason why would she do that is because of being taken for granted. Women like it that you appreciate them and when they start feeling exploited as well as taken for granted, would you blame them to look for it in the arms of another man? Knowing that, the best thing you can do to prevent getting cheated on is to make and maintain the effort throughout your relationship as high as when you first started dating. However, sometimes even with your continued effort things can change and your relationship can go downhill. If you and your partner just are not in sync anymore, there must be something wrong. Signs That Shes Probably Cheating on You If you think there is something wrong in your relationship and its not on your side, knowing the signs can help you. But first, know that the signs only show that your partner is probably cheating. It doesnt say for sure. To know for sure, you will have to confront your partner calmly. Dont accuse her immediately and listen without judgment. She Spends Unnecessary Attention to Her Phone Its a sign but dont write her action off to cheating so easily. Remember, its common to see these days for people to spend half their time on various social networks and replying to just about text message that beeps their phone. This behavior is only a definite sign that shes not as invested in your relationship as you are. But if shes messaging and making plans with someone else during dinner, well thats different. Less and Less Interested With Sex or Intimacy Sex is a part of your relationship that every couple often has their sex routines. Some do it about 3 times a week and some does every night. On that note, if you notice that your usual routine changes inexplicably with your partner giving countless silly excuses, it is probably time that you investigate whats the root of all these. It is probably that your girl is tired, although she cant be every night or there may be some other cause. Now, dont just into wild guesses and take the time to know. Was your sex life just boring now or was she getting it somewhere else? Your Quality Time Is Falling Away One of the probable signs that your girl is cheating on you is when your quality time is no longer quality. If youre usual time to spend with each other is now neglected and it seems like every day there is something important that comes up, being suspicious is understandable. When everything else take precedent to that one important thing she needs to do, it points out that she may be losing interest in your relationship and putting it elsewhere. Shes Suddenly Bent on Reinventing Herself To be sure, this sudden change has to be out of the usual. Women often want to look their best but if you really know your partner, you will notice if her shopping is out of nowhere. When that happens, you should probably ask yourself why she is suddenly bent on it. If youre girl is not the type to put on makeup when just doing errands and suddenly cannot go out without at least a lipstick, it is reason enough for you to worry. Shes Overly Concerned Even to a Minutiae of Your Activities Back when you first hit it off, do you remember those times of constant exchange of text messages all the time? Then it suddenly fell off to only a few texts during the time during your time together? Well thats normal. But when it suddenly takes too long for her to respond to a single text of yours and often without further explanation, its not looking good for your relationship. It is especially suspicious if shes only concerned as to where you are all the time and thats because shes probably covering for her infidelity. Shes Suddenly Pointing Out All Your Failings This is also about your girlfriend being not how she usually is. Say, if your girlfriend is the confident and innocent type but she suddenly goes paranoid as well irritable for no apparent reason, she just might be throwing you off her. If before she is the most understanding girlfriend and how she cant spend the day not snapping at you for the slightest reasons, it could be her way of distracting you from her foul play. Shes Unabashed to Tell You Shes Unhappy This couldnt have been a sign of infidelity and maybe just a perfectly reasonable thing for her to say if your relationship is really just going downhill. However, if you start to notice that all the signs mentioned above are piling up, plus she being not at all apprehensive to tell you that shes no longer happy, then the next thing could be her making a full-fledge confession. Guilt is probably eating her up and she doesnt want to lie to you anymore so shes now letting the bomb go off. These are some but not all the signs to tell you that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Of course, it is only may be and you need to do further investigation to be sure of your suspicion. But with these signs, you can ease that gnawing feeling in your gut that says something is wrong and stop yourself from being the fool for once.

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