Where do I begin about Sonya Novick. She is a whore . Yes I said it she is a whore. If anyone shouild know how it feels to someone sleep with your spouse it should be her. Apparently her husband was sleeping around on her, and she should know how it feels. Well apparently that made it okay for her to sleep with married men. Yes, she is sleeping with married men, and destroying marriages. This little whore doesnt care who she sleeps with, as long as she gets dick This little Walmart tramp needs to get her ass kicked if you ask me. I have asked her to stop calling my husband, and even texting him. She doesnt care that we have children, and we have been married forever .. My husband is part of the blame, and I know that. It takes two to tango, and he tangoed . Anyways karma is a you know what Sonya .

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