This happened about two months ago. I found text messages on my now ex boyfriends phone between himself and a woman named Sasha that is a pros ***** ute. I searched her phone number online and found out her real name is Stacey Rae S ***** age 44 and she lives in Colorado Springs.

She puts her ads on women seeking men and the m ***** age section and you can find detailed information about her on a site called under Sasha and Kacey. She also uses the names Anastasia, Kacie, and Jacey from the searches I’ve done. She has also worked in Las Vegas late last year. She has been a w ***** for at least five years according to the Internet. My ex also admitted that she is an intravenous drug user and is highly addicted to crystal meth and has done some with her, but said he only smoked it which is highly unlikely. I’d never trust anything he says now.
I reported her to the police and it seems they don’t give a ***** about druggie w ***** s and the lives they help ruin. She also has a Facebook account I found last month and the pictures I found match. My ex and I both work in the medical field and we take blood test regularly and in early June his test came back HIV+. Thank goodness I’ve been suspicious if him for some time now and haven’t had ***** with him in months. Hopefully this nasty ***** will get arrested eventually and get what she deserves.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

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