My name is Carla. I am a nurse for a doctors office in Colorado Springs. I posted the information about Stacey S ***** . Whoever Buford or Robbie Barker is us none of my concern. No one posted any fake ads about her and everything stated in my previous post is accurate and it’s all true.

She’s been involved in pros ***** ution for over five years according to Google com. I searched by now ex boyfriends phone because I was suspicious because I caught him lying about being at work and found several text messages between himself and Sasha. It wasn’t difficult to do a search online and find out everything about her going back to 2012. She must be stupid because she has used actual pictures of herself as well as super imposing her face onto other women’s bodies. She’s a waste of life just like my ex is. I guess the post directed toward my original post about her is just some one else she ***** ed for money. I hope she contracted hiv from my ex. That’s what they both deserve for being lowlife s ***** bag drug addicts.


Colorado Springs, Colorado

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