This story is perhaps the worst dating story ever. I met this creep named Gabriel Bresler in cyber world. Thats where he finds his victims, his hook-ups and guys he used to post constantly on Craigslist list but Im pretty sure he uses apps like Tinder and Gay apps too because hes a fairy butt he just doesnt want to admit it. He says having sex with guys doesnt make him Gay and he watches Gay Porn all day and masturbates all day he has no life other than his obsession with sex, porn and using people. I met this guy in 2010 when he was living in the Valley and he had a roommate. He was homeless in 2009 after a fight with his ex-gf and DV charge landed him homeless. What I didnt know is that after that incident in 2008 he learned to survive the streets by using much older women; his Sugarmommies and anyone else he could but secretly he was dating 100s of people, hooking up with girls who work in the Porn industry and using drugs and drinking hence he got a DUI and his license was suspended. Of course I didnt know this until 2015 after he trusted me enough to confess everything. Towards the end of our relationship he started to verbally and emotionally abuse me and even threatened to kill me. He started to show who he really is and the BIGOT he really is. I was disgusted that he started using the N-Word repeatedly and said Blacks should go back to Africa and Blacks and Mexicans are violent it just didnt end with his racist ideology but yet he lays up with a 52 year old overweight Black woman every night whom he cannot even look at he has to doggie style her because her face is so messed up. After we met in 2010 we dated off and on for 5 years and some point shortly after we met we discussed having a baby together and decided together to forego protected sex and starting having unprotected sex and finally in 2014 we got pregnant. Of course he all but disappears and whines about it and is a total a-hole the whole pregnancy only texting to ask if he could have sex with me. Of course I was pissed at him for not being supportive during the pregnancy so we pretty much broke off the relationship and he didnt show up to the birth and didnt meet his daughter until she was 6 months and he blamed that on me saying I wouldnt pick him up which I didnt because I was pregnant and when I had the baby I was in recovery mode which he seemed to reject the idea of someone being tired and sick while pregnant he was a total idiot. So when he visited his daughter we hooked up like usual but this time; he confessed all his dark secrets and the worst was that for the last 5 years he was living with some woman named Christine Mclemore an older Black woman; him being 31 and her being 52 so yeah shocker. Not only was she not his roommate as he stated for the last 5 years, they were in a full relationship but he cheated on her with so many people and this woman stays with him out of desperation because she knows no one else would ever date her: she has lupus, spots all over her skin, overweight, looks like a troll, is older and just is unattractive in every way imaginable. She looks God awful and hes used her for so many years because he doesnt want to work and its just easier for him because she does everything for him; when he was broke and on General Assistance she was giving him half of her SSDI check and paid for his phone bill, his clothes, shoes, paid his rent. This woman is beyond stupid she has chased him down to other womens houses telling the Moms about how shes his woman but yet hes at some other womans house. So she stays with him like a fool and hell continue to use her because he knows he could do whatever he wants and shell stay like the idiot she is. She even paid his Child Support for him for months OMG. But thats not the worst of it if thats even possible. The whole time we dated off and on from 2010 to 2015 Gabe pretended to be single, he represented himself as a guy who didnt want commitments and he said he wasnt ready to settle down yet. But hes having full Gay sex with men, group sex and any kind of sex with any kind of person hes DTF any and everything which scared the heck out of me because of course he put me and his baby at risk and thankfully I didnt catch anything incurable like Hiv or Herpes but he did give me Chlamydia. It infuriated me when he told me all that stuff I was in total shock I just couldnt believe someone could be so callous and ruthless but this is who he is. He pretends to be nice, shy and nerdy but he is like Jekyll and Hyde he has a total dark side; a total SOCIOPATH LIAR. So when I took him to Court for Child Support him and that just as Creepy woman Christine McLemore went on a smear campaign and unsuccessfully tried to get a restraining order against me and in turn I was granted a DV restraining order against Gabe. These two are completely CRAZY. They thought they could lie and Court and absolutely nothing they said made anything sense one lie turned into another until it became a snowball effect. So now they are in hiding because Gabe is scared shitless that hes going to go to jail. Gabriel is still on Probation from his first DV charge and for also filing a false Police report claiming that a male roommate raped him because he was too drunk to remember the night before. Gabriel and that woman he lives with are also being investigated for Welfare Fraud. Bottom Line: BEWARE of this guy and the woman he lives with named Christine McLemore. He tries to get people to have threesomes and group sex with him and that hideous creature Christine but shes so fugly that no one wants to so he was sneaking around having sex with younger girls and guys because shes a throwaway. I feel bad for their families both the McLemores and Breslers are nice people and religious people both Gabriel and Christine are bad apples, Black sheeps of their families. Gabriel corrupted Christine and turned her into a criminal like he is. They have so many scams: he scams Amazon and any mail order company to get all the electronics and computers they have. What BOTTOM FEEDER LOWLIFES! Youve been warned dont have sex with this dude. He lived in the San Fernando Valley for years but now lives in LONG BEACH with his live in slave woman Christine McLemore!

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