We need to expose a FAKE poster named: Stephane Roger Marchand [aka Stephane Marchand] who has been posting about Bo Kelleher, Ladera Ranch in the state of California all over the internet. The explanation about this was written by Bo Kelleher, Ladera Ranch, California on another place explaining this: AUTHOR: Bo Kelleher I have been a reporter for LaderaPortal NEWS and LaderaTimes.com for many years and at one point, I reported on a local crime, committed by a career criminal with no shame named Stephane Roger Marchand. This is the article I published: http://www.laderaportal.com/CMS/stephane-marchand-to-be-arraigned-may-5-for-felony-burglary-201104293055/ It also ran in the Print Edition of the Ladera Times, circulation 11,000. Stephane Roger Marchand is the likely perpetrator of this completely fabricated hit piece on me. He is documented to have bi-polar disorder in Orange County Sheriff Department reports, and he has had his wife arrested for domestic violence. Mr. Marchand (AKA Roger March) is a convicted felon

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