Stephanie Roberts (Braids) Wyoming, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Stephanie Roberts (Braids) Wyoming is as follows: This is braids. Shes a homewrecken whore from Rock springs Wy. My husband and I have been together for 17 years. He works for a large company in rock springs where he met this bitch. Im sure it all started about 4 months ago but I just found out about her in late June. I had noticed she was commenting on his pictures on his face book of just him or him and his grandson but never any of me and my husband together. So one night I get on his work phone and see some text from her that say things like ( hey baby ) and ( thanks for being so brave and driving with me today ) . So I confronted him of course with my fist to his face cause we all know hes gonna lie about it anyway. He says when she started her texting shit he asked her to stop. That he was married and didnt need the drama. So I had him call the bitch after she had texted him one day and he says to her (didnt I tell you to leave me alone) she says yeah and just sits there so of course I confront her and ask her what her intentions were with my husband and she says shes just his shadow at work . I told her not anymore and the text messages needed to stop. Needless to say 2 minutes later his phone goes off and its her asking if they are ever going to be Facebook friends again. She has since not stopped trying to contact my husband through alternate text apps ( because I have blocked her from his phones) shell text him things like stars and hearts and its over and over again. We have even went as far as taking her to HR. I have spoke with some of the other wives from work and at least one of them are having the same problem with her.; Let me enlighten you on something honey you keep knocking on the devils door and someones gonna answer. The guys on your crew laugh at you and think your a nasty whore. They want nothing to do with you. Many of them have told me its not my husband its her. Youre a weak ass bitch praying on peoples husbands. Your nothing more then a tramp that loves to be passed around like yesterdays trash. A desperate whore in need of attention. You only post pictures of your face on Facebook cause your body looks like the damn Michelin man from the waist down . Your ignorant leave these men alone. I can understand now why you dont have a husband of your own, its that nasty ass cum dumping waste land you have between your legs. I asked you to meet me somewhere but you wont cause your a puss.You need to find someone elses dick( try one thats not married) to fill that nasty diseased gap you have, and get yourself checked while your at it. Did you really think you could f**k with 17 years honey. You cant f**k with this nor have what I have bitch. This shit is 17 years strong and weve got way too much invested.; So to all the wives if rock springs whos husband wear them big red suits and drive them big red trucks, watch this homewrecker she has no care in the world and shes just out to fuck up yours. And to you bitch, your day is coming. I feel sorry for you. KARMA HONEYÉ.KARMA..

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