Stuart Stuckey thinks he is God gift to a woman all over the world. He will lie to you and tell you he will never hurt you. He will say things like baby your the only woman for me. LIAR He will swear to god he will never hurt you LIAR . He will point out how similar you all are to, and that he could never hurt you Again more and more lies Stuart will act like your prince charming to ladies Do not fall for his crap, because it is all lies Really he is a drunk who pisses and shits where he lays claims to be a vegetarian but eats liver from cows and chickens. He claims to have land but doesnt only lays up with women for somewhere to sleep and chain smoke cigs. Always living in the past doesent know of a future. Dosent wash says he doesnt have a scent. Lies!!! Use and abuse always cheating with other women and will say they are sisters of his. ..he has none. Fucks men on the low and any body really who is willing to listen to his made up stories of how he sold drugs and was so bad ass but thats all a lie. He also is a snitch he told on his best friend and he disrespect his mother and father. When he lives there off and on. He owns nothing but a dodge charger and is over paying for that. He is clearly dumb and when you get with him only bad omens happen to you. He is a piece of shit trying to portray as someone with sense but he is clearly a dumb bisexual dirty dick bum. Who fucks bum as bitches with a gang of kids he calls other women he is seeing fine but they be fat old hoes who are desperate as fuck for anyman. He also does cocaine but doesnt want nobody to know.

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