Tabitha Unsicker Ingle Okaloosa County, Florida, a registered cheater in The registry entry for Tabitha Unsicker Ingle Okaloosa County, Florida is as follows: sucácuábus; noun; 1. a demon that assumes a female human form to tempt men into sexual intercourse for purpose of draining their soul.; Origin; late Middle English: from medieval Latin succubus Ôprostitute, from succubare, from sub- Ôunder + cubare Ôto lie.; This 29 year old succubus was an old co-worker and ÒfriendÓ of mine. After I lost my job at the restaurant we were both employed at, we run into her at the liquor store soon thereafter and politely invite her over sometime. She did come over a few times initially. She would bring or buy liqueur (alcoholic much?) and often made advances toward our male friends, all the while I was warning my husband that she was loose. She had sexual relations with at least two men that we had worked with; One being an eighteen year old boy, freshmen in college and the other a main manager/key holder who also happened to sort out the ÒsharedÓ tips. Crafty, huh?; Summer of 2013. No doubt my husband is going through a stressful time. He was fresh out of a drug recovery program,working full-time, and we were fighting for custody of his first child. But I am out of town for a couple days and upon my return my husband asks for a ÒbreakÓ. There are no breaks in marriage. I get home to find a makeup bag and shirt that were obviously hers. First story I hear from my husband: His newly single Òbest friendÓ was in town, my husband called her over for quick lay for this friend that was grieving the loss of his girlfriend to a mutual friend. Although I knew what had really happened, I didnt allow my mind to think that. I was secure and comfortable in my marriage, which allowed me to leave town without my husband in the first place.; The real story is that she KNOWINGLY came to my house when I was out of town. Drunk or not, She had sex with my husbands best friend WITHIN HOURS of meeting him. Then she prances around naked, rubs her hard, fake tits on my husband and KNOWINGLY seduces him. Afterwards, she has the nerve to tell my husband NOT TO TELL ME. TO LIE TO ME. And Whoopsy-do, she leaves her personal items in my room!; After my husband attempts to get me to have a threesome with her, it turns into them having sex, her whining and pouting about how self-loathing she is. I left the house that night on foot and attempted suicide, while they didnt ever try to look for me. After all she was all he wanted because she is fitter, prettier, and just overall ÒbetterÓ than me.; A week after the initial night my husband reveals the real story to me. At this point he was inviting her over more and began ÒseeingÓ her while we were still living together. She would come by every night after work, drunk. All she would do is bitch and fall asleep on our couch. While asleep she would moan loudly and spread her legs like she was getting fucked in her dreams, that is how much of a slut she was. Also She would bitch about being old, being divorced, getting raped, etc. She says she is fixed and lets everyone have unprotected sex AND anal sex with her. With multiple (although curable) STDs, She has no shame. Look her up sometime.; My husband decided to stop seeing her when he realized that she really is a lying slut and an alcoholic. She has a live-in boyfriend! Although, She often denies him and says he is her stalker or room-mate. She also has an eight year old daughter who I have never seen or met so hopefully she does not have custody OR visitation. I do not believe she is fit to be a mother.; Looking back, I wish I had the strength to tell her to go home or to do something about the situation. I was afraid that, if I did say or do something, I would lash out and commit a violent crime against her and/or my husband. I am young, I was weak, and I acted pathetic. This experience has since brought me strength and I feel empowered to take control of my life and my marriage. It is MINE, afterall.; I would advise anyone who comes across her to avoid her or fuck her over because she truly deserves it. She drives a black (removed), lives in the Destin or Fort Walton Beach area, and works at various restaurants and bars in the area. I hope this post affects her future employment.; Regardless of my husband and my martial problems, we had lasted 3 years and 3 months in a successful marriage and 4 and a half years of a monogamous relationship. SHE KNEW. We are both in our early twenties and have two young children. We are still together after my husband was in an almost fatal car accident a month later. I believe he had an awakening of sorts and when he came close to death he realized that his wife and family were the only ones that truly cared for him and would come to his rescue. I could say that Ive won but I dont feel at all like a ÒwinnerÓ.; When faced with infidelity, things are not as black and white as I had once thought. My head and my heart were conflicting. Although it has been six months, I have fallen into severe depression; the event has forever changed and ruined my view of relationships (Not only my own but also with other friends and family). Im not an angry person but now I often fear for what I am capable of. I attend therapy and continue to try to improve and reshape my marriage.

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