Takedra Lampkin I’m putting your nasty stankin, ***** y, drag queen lookin, ***** ty ***** on blast. You think the things you’re doing is cute.

You got you a good man now don’t you? As long as he don’t take care of his child and take care of you is fine right? That’s what you called me and said. You stink everybody talk about how you look and smell at freightliner custom ch ***** is. Wash your mouth and ***** after you have ***** with the men there. You bagged you a supervisor and he is just as dumb and nasty for messing with you. But the funny thing is he deny you to everybody if you’re the woman of summer 2016 tell me why the ***** you have to pick with the wife? Why do you block her and unblock when you think the pictures you post are cute you look like a ***** Kentucky Derby Dame and I hope you take that weave out before it start to smell. You done put up pictures of you wearing the daughter earrings and sandals really ?? you are a sad case and I’m glad u suck instead I smelled your ***** on the boxers and you need to go to a obgyn. Since you think your winning? here is your reward. Keep playing summer16 cause the next person may not let you make it to summer17 everyone don’t play nice. I’m bout fed up with you keep it up… Call me again and your mother and my husband Carvelle will be standing over you crying.


Spartanburg, South Carolina

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